Abner Gelin: Income and Real Wealth

Abner Gelin Net Worth

Abner Gelin (Abner G) is a musician, religious and social activist from Haiti. He sings gospel songs and has been able to garner several million views on YouTube. He is well known to the inhabitants of his native region, but outside of Haiti, his person is often surprising. Especially a lot of controversy arose after one of the sources attributed to the man a fantastic net worth (17 million dollars). Could a person with an active lifestyle, but little popularity earns such a huge amount of money?

Abner G Income

The man did not immediately choose his path. He studied medicine, but the craving for music was stronger. Then he began to sing songs and tour in Haiti and the United States. For many years, creative activity became his only income.

He has a YouTube channel that he created in 2007 when he was very young. His own record is 3.2 million views. He was able to make such an achievement in 2016. After that, such results were unattainable for the musician. The peak of his career fell precisely in 2015-2016. He was able to collect the bulk of his capital at this time.

Abner stopped making public appearances in the end of 2021. His fate is unknown. He could invest his little wealth in business and close his life to the public.

In recent years, the man has taken an active socio-political position. He expressed dissatisfaction with many social phenomena and political decisions. This did not open the way for him into big politics and hardly affected his income. Although he could receive a small fee for participating in some talk shows.

Abner Gelin Net Worth

Abner Gelin Net Worth

An obvious fabrication is the information that Abner Gelin is a millionaire. He did not reach this status even at the peak of his creative career. After he has assumed the role of a political expert, millions of dollars still remain in his dreams or fantasies of pseudo-analysts. The most optimistic indicator is a net worth of $500,000 with an income of $200,000 per year. This is quite plausible information, although not very accurate.

It all depends on the activities that the Haitian musician does outside the public space. He doesn’t look poor. Business cannot be ruled out. He could have easily obtained the capital for this 6-8 years ago. Recently, he has begun to position himself as an entrepreneur, coach and assistant in personal growth. You can sign up for courses. This definitely replenishes his account with several tens of thousands of dollars. However, this does not change the data on its current net worth and forecasts for the next year.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$200k
Actual Net Worth$500k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$600k
Abner Gelin Net Worth

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