Abner Louima: What Is the Fate of His Wealth?

Abner Louima net worth

Abner Louima is an American social activist and black rights activist. He came to the US from Haiti as an ordinary immigrant and faced terrible injustice. She changed his life, including income. The man began to appear less and less in public, they began to forget about his case. This gave rise to rumors that Abner had become a successful investor. However, what is his real salary and did the generous compensation that the court appointed bring him wealth?

How Much Money Did Abner Louima Get in Court?

Abner has never been rich. His family lived very modestly. He was unable to find a job in the United States by profession. A lot of people in the USA know about the terrible story that happened to him. However, the outcome of years of litigation may surprise you.

The court awarded Louima $8.75 million. However, he could not put this amount in his pocket (or account). Approximately 3 million dollars he was immediately obliged to give as reimbursement of legal costs, including the payment of a lawyer. According to official figures, he became the proud owner of $5.8 million.

Reports that the activist invested this money in a successful business are taken from the void. He did not report entrepreneurial activities or that he had increased his wealth.

Actual Net Worth and Source of Income

People mistakenly believe that the Abner Louima Foundation, which the man created after winning the court and gaining great wealth, is his current source of income. This is a non-profit organization that helps to accumulate money for charitable purposes. Funding for the fund was undertaken by Abner himself. He helped the poor in Haiti, including those who moved to the United States. He spent about half of the capital on this, so his personal savings amounted to about $ 3 million.

Abner Louima net worth

In the early 2000s, Louima frequented talk shows. The appearance on the air brought him a small profit. Now this source of income does not interest him.

One of the first investments of the man was the purchase of several houses in Florida. What is the purpose of this purchase is not exactly known.

Rumors that the Haitian has invested about $1 million in several investment projects may be true. This is a very logical decision on the part of a person who has several million dollars. However, whether these investments were successful is a very controversial issue. Since Louima got rich, there have been 2 serious global crises that have left many successful businessmen without money.

A plausible Abner Louima net worth is $3 million. This is the merit of his successful trial. His wealth is lower than it was in 2001 due to the man’s generosity. Higher figures are questionable because there is no accurate data on business and additional sources of income. Presumably, about $1 million of the total capital comes from real estate. It was a really good buy.

Is it possible to trust the sources that report that the torture victim is no longer a millionaire? There is a real possibility that Abner’s capital has declined that much.

An electrical engineer’s education was hardly useful to Louima. He did not work in his specialty in the United States. After the man became a millionaire, he was not interested in employment.

Monthly Income$unstable
Annual Income$unstable
Actual Net Worth$3m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$3m
Abner Louima Net Worth

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