Christian Reis: Short Lived Football Career and Big Money

christian reis net worth

Christian Reis, the short lived phoenix of the New Orleans Saints, still lives in American’s minds and hearts as the unexpected, young, short-lived rising hero who, in a moment of ultimate bliss, brought the Saints to glory against the Indiana Colts in the Super Bowl XLIV.

He wasn’t expected to do so because, although he was seen as capable as a player, he wasn’t perceived as having the highest promise. He was playing as a secondary and on special teams. He, nor his team, had any idea what was up next when Chris leashed out during that final match of Super Bowl XLIV and recovered the ball. What he did was nothing less than saving the Saint’s ass and bringing them to victory.

In a terrifying 63 seconds the Saints were propelled to championship and Chris to stardom.

At the peak of his career, he was extremely physical. He probably took protein powder to get that strong physique.

christian reis net worth

Income After Retirement

Chris played in total 4 seasons on 1st class level Football and then, in 2010, got a shoulder injury, went in IR and was cut out of the team.

Since then we have not seen him back on the field. But he remained active behind the public eye as another kind of striver: a Christian pastor who does support work in his community. He did however keep talking about his football career and used it as a motivational tool to encourage youths to give the best of themselves.

Source of Income

Enshrined in memory as a celeb: but does he make money?

Still Chris is still today seen as a celeb for what he did for the Saints and New Orleans during that glorious match. But Celebs have money, don’t they?

Well, even though his Football career dates 15 years back, he made good money during his approx 8 years of pro-football and kept on thriving on people’s love for him after that by doing paid and unpaid motivational work.

What do US Pastors make?

How much do pastors earn in the United States of America? The median Pastor salary in the USA is around $100 as of July 2022, Salary can vary widely, based on various factors, including education, certifications, skills and the amount of years you have spent in your profession. The fact that Chris is a Football star may have well added to the salary he could ask as a pastor.

Actual Net Worth

As a convinced Christian, Chris retains a humble presence online.

Chris does not seem to have many social media accounts which could be explained by the fact that he is a devoted Christian and believes that we should not put ourselves, but God, in the limelight.

We did find his public Facebook page where he presents himself as Pastor Chris Reis, and from his posts we can see how he still utilizes his former stardom as a way ‘to bring people to God’ as he would undoubtedly put it. His page currently counts 1200 followers.

All in all it is estimated Christian has accumulated a good 700 000 USD. At its peak, its net worth could easily reach $1 million, but now it’s worth being more restrained in your estimates. This does not diminish his merits and talent, nor does it mean that he has not achieved financial success. He can easily afford a luxurious life.

Monthly Income$20k
Annual Income$200k
Actual Net Worth$700k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$800k
Christian Reis Net Worth

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