Crip Mac Making Money with Crip Gangstar Rapping

crip mac net worth

Is Mac the only Crip gang member who makes more money with his music than his gangsta fellas do with dealing and handling stolen cars?

He is really something. Many US rappers boast with their gangster style. But most of the time they are only in the gang lifestyle for the music, the clothes and the girls. There are some however who go a bit further in their affiliations and Crip Mac seems to be on that list.

Mac fits well on the list of rappers who loudly proclaim their gang affiliation. On that list we find rappers like: The Game (Cedar Block Piru Bloods), Snoop Dogg (Rollin’ 20s Crips), Lil Wayne (New Orleans Bloods), Chief Keef (Chicago Black Disciples), Jim Jones (Bloods) and others.

These people mostly grew into the lifestyle because they were growing up as teens in low income areas where youths witness gang lifestyle and operations on a daily basis.

Does Crip Mac Also Make Cash by Doing Crime?

To be affiliated with a US gang doesn’t necessarily mean doing crime. Gangs like the Crips and the Bloods are not per definition about crime but about the protection of their neighborhoods and fighting vendettas against other neighborhoods. Of course they have no issue with doing crime in order to support their in-group.

But crime and making music doesn’t go so well together at the same time. It usually doesn’t last very long, as rappers are always in the public eye. In practice Gangsta rappers mostly stick with some fairly innocent crimes so that they do not end up in jail or get seriously hurt and can continue to make and sell records, which can be potentially very lucrative without facing the same kind of danger as their hard core criminal counter-parts.

Talking black gangs (gangs in the US are traditionally communnaly based, which almost automatically means ethnically based), the LA gangs have always been the most notorious. The Crips and the Bloods are originally from LA although there are many groups and individuals all over the US these days who claim they are part of either gaing. Crip Mac grew up in LA so it’s to be expected that he would either affiliate to the Crips or the Bloods. That Crip Mac is affiliated with the Crips is apparent from his name and from the blue colors he wears. Crisps use blue and Bloods use  red as their color of recognition.

Does Being Part of a Gang Make One Money?

crip mac net worth

For sure gangsters earn some or more money with their criminal activities, but it is probable that Crisp Mac isn’t actively earning as a gangster although he gets arrested now and then for minor crimes resulting from his gangster-style of living.

Crip Mac Net Worth and Earnings

According to online sources – which aren’t very reliable – his net worth is 1 000 000 USD.

His videos on YouTube have millions of views and he has over 22 000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Mac also earns money from shows and interviews on location. He revealed on Twitter that he usually charges around $1,000 for live interviews and $200 for zoom interviews.

Considering these bits of information, we believe Crip Mac is worth at least a fair couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Monthly Income$30k
Annual Income$300k
Actual Net Worth$1 million
One Year Net Worth Forecast$1,2 million
Crip Mac Net Worth

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