David O’Caoimh Net Worth: How Much Does Wakeboarder Earn?

David O'Caoimh Net Worth:

David O’Caoimh is an Irish wakeboarder, trainer and YouTuber. He has won numerous competitions and blogs about his sports career. At a young age, he has already become a popular athlete who has sponsorship contracts and generous fees. How much money can professional wakeboarding make?

David O’Caoimh’s Income

David has been wakeboarding since childhood. Already at the age of 11, he showed high professionalism. After school, he decided that this sport should become his main occupation in life and a source of income. For this reason, he interrupted his studies in college. O’Caoimh went for broke and did not lose.

David’s first real income came at the age of 20. He began to develop his social networks (although he really did not like them) and created a YouTube channel where he showed off his best tricks. The first victories in competitions attracted attention to him, so his efforts on the Internet were not in vain.

Now he has several sources of income:

  1. Sponsorship contracts. This is the main key to his financial freedom. Sportswear and equipment brands want O’Caoimh’s success to be associated with them. David has contracts with O’Brien Watersports, Roswell and some other companies.
  2. Coaching work. David O’Caoimh is a highly paid (by the standards of this sport) coach. He is the author of some author’s methods. Both beginners and experienced wakeboders are ready to pay a man for a consultation.
  3. Prize money. This is definitely not the main source of money, but sometimes you can get a nice cash reward for participating in competitions.
  4. YouTube channel. He has 70 thousand subscribers and 14 million views. This is an additional income and a way to popularize wakeboarding.
  5. Blog on Instagram. David is clearly not up to the status of an influencer, but given that his content is quite narrow, 43 thousand subscribers is a very worthy indicator. This social network allows you to get paid for advertising, and this sends us to the first item on this list.

David O’Caoimh Net Worth

David O'Caoimh Net Worth

The amount of David’s income is his personal information, which he does not voice. We can make assumptions that are based on the analysis of the sources of his income, which we wrote about above.

Sponsorship contracts always have a non-disclosure clause for exact amounts. This is one of the reasons why so little is known about the exact net worth of an Irishman. It’s definitely not about huge payouts. David is actively fighting for the inclusion of his favorite sport in the Olympic list, but these water adventures are still not popular enough. Therefore, O’Caoimh’s income from sponsors can be estimated at 100 thousand dollars a year. Other sources of income are likely to bring him as much.

The Irishman has been doing his job for about 10 years and shows good results. He certainly could save 500 thousand dollars. Are the claims by some sources that his net worth is $1 million justified? Partly. His wealth approached this figure, hardly exceeds it, but may exceed it in the coming years. The man is unlikely to plan to stop for the next 5 years, so he has every chance to secure a luxurious life.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$200k
Actual Net Worth$750k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$900k
David O’Caoimh Net Worth

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