Fabien Frankel Net Worth: Income from House of Dragon

Fabien Frankel Net Worth

Fabien Frankel is an actor with a memorable appearance and great talent. He was born into an acting family (his father, Mark, also acted in films). A young guy from childhood chose a profession for himself, so he received a special education. He even took special courses in acting fencing. Acting has become Fabien’s main and only source of income. How much was he able to earn and how did participation in the House of Dragon project affect his net worth?

Fabien Frankel Income

An actor’s income depends on the shooting schedule. He was not popular on social media until his participation in the prequel to Game of Thrones. They did not bring him anything, like any ordinary user of Instagram and Tik Tok.

The success of the new series allowed him to receive some sponsorship contracts, but his exact fees are unknown. This is not the most stable income.

Fabien is a very humble man. He earns good money, although he got a taste of real wealth only recently. The first serious fee was a salary for a small role in the film Last Christmas, where he starred with Emilia Clarke.

Fabien Frankel income and fees

Instagram has already begun to play an important role in the growth of its net worth. After the debut series of the grandiose fantasy project, the number of its subscribers has increased 3 times in a few weeks. He quickly appeared in a Gucci ad that could have cost the brand $100,000.

Fee for the House of Dragon

The first season of House of the Dragons took the creators out of their pockets about $200 million, which equates to an average of $20 million per episode. The shooting itself (settings, post-processing, organizational costs) takes no more than 30% of the budget of the series. There is no exact data on the salaries of the actors, but about $ 50 million was spent on their fee.

Fabien Frankel is not the main actor, and his character, although he plays an important role in the development of the plot, does not appear in the frame very often. He received $ 1 million for appearing in the prequel of the cult series. This is unofficial data, but close enough to real numbers.

Fabien Frankel Income

The stars of the Game of Thrones in the final seasons received several times more. But with the House of the Dragon, the situation is different. The first season is always a risky undertaking, so Fabien Frankel initially could not count on a million dollars per episode. In addition, his screen time is disproportionately small compared to some other actors.

There is speculation that Fabien will appear in the second season. These will be flashbacks, which means a minimum of screen time. Given the success of the new project, the second season should become more expensive, so Frankel can count on another $ 1 million. If the young actor is retained as Criston Cole, then, taking into account the events of the series, his salary could be $ 3-4 million per season.

Fabien Frankel Net Worth

Before the man received a fee for the role of Criston Cole, his net worth was about 300 thousand dollars. Now it has grown to $1 million. This includes cash, bank accounts, and real estate. Fabien is not the kind of person who will boast of fame and fortune. Because of this, we do not learn much about his income and net worth, but in the future his capital will grow. He has serious wealth, which is beyond the power of many at his age.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$1m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2m
Fabien Frankel Net Worth

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