Garrett Adelstein Net Worth: How Rich Is the Poker Player?

Garrett Adelstein Net Worth

Garrett Adelstein – poker player, coach, showman. He participated in dozens of tournaments and earned huge prize money. The man is not the best. He has very mediocre stats in the WSOP. However, he was able to make an incredible fortune thanks to the cash game and Hustler Casino Live. How rich is the G-Man really?

Garrett Adelstein Income

This is a really talented man with good intellect and intuition. This is his working tool that generates income. Although Garrett has an athletic build and could even work as a model. Perhaps photogenicity was the reason for his success in the streams. The audience likes to watch the game of a handsome man. He even participated in the show Survivor: Cagayan. However, there his education was not appreciated so highly, so filming in the show cannot be called very successful. This did not prevent him from getting a good fee. In terms of earnings, Adelstein has done all the right things and excelled at it.

Garrett started playing poker at the age of 19. It was his hobby. Gradually, he developed his own strategy, which he began to test in online tournaments. It turned out that Adelstein could make it his source of income. He did not hesitate and plunged headlong into the game.

Approximately 90% of his earnings are winnings in cash games. He is the most prominent representative of this game format. Most likely, this gave him the opportunity to conclude several lucrative sponsorship contracts. However, there is no clear evidence for this.

A man gives paid poker lessons. Fans of this game are willing to pay him money to learn the secrets of his author’s techniques.

His income cannot be stable, because everything depends on the success of the games. Sometimes in 1 month he can get 500 thousand dollars, and sometimes it can take a whole year to earn such an amount.

Garrett Adelstein Net Worth

G-Man (as poker fans began to call him after his first high-profile victories) is a professional player. Therefore, in order to find out his capital, you need to try to sum up all his winnings. In official tournaments, he could not earn much. According to various estimates, he was able to increase his net worth by only 200 thousand dollars.

Adelstein is the star of Hustler Casino Live. Most viewers are amazed at the size of the stakes and how calmly the players risk big money. You can get to Hustler Casino Live only by special invitation from the organizers. This is big business, so members are selected primarily for their ability to attract and retain new viewers. Garrett immediately increased the ratings of the already legendary poker broadcast with his aggressive play and charisma. Most likely, the participants’ bankroll is formed with the participation of the tournament organizers. This is a form of fee for participation in games. For this reason, we have strong doubts that Garrett’s winnings are completely in his pocket. We can only guess, but the real income must be divided by 2 to get closer to the real size of his capital.

For this reason, we estimate the Garrett Adelstein net worth at $5 million. We did not find sufficient arguments in open sources in favor of the fact that this figure could be higher. Even such a strict assessment confirms the man’s enormous wealth and his talent for cold-blooded victories at the table.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$5m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$5.5m
Garrett Adelstein Net Worth

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