Lana Rose: Income from Instagram and YouTube

Lana Rose Net Worth

Lana Rose (Parisa Beiraghdary) is an artist, blogger and singer from the UAE (Dubai). She was born into a wealthy family, but she realized her talent and earns on her own. The girl has a lot of interests. All of them are competently monetized and turn into large numbers of net worth and annual income.

Lana Rose Income

Parisa has rich parents. Some Internet resources call them sheikhs, but this is not so. However, their capital exceeds $ 1 million, so the girl received a prestigious education in London and had the opportunity to calmly look for ways for self-realization. At the age of 24 (in 2013) she created a YouTube channel where she showcased her work as a makeup artist and artist. It was her first job. The number of views did not allow you to receive money from YouTube, but the first popularity of video content made it a good advertisement. In the UAE, her services began to be in demand, and her paintings began to rise in price.

Lana Rose Income

Around the same time, Lana started blogging on Instagram. Gradually, the number of subscribers exceeded 3 million people. This makes her a true influencer with expensive publicity. Brands are willing to pay up to 100 thousand dollars for promotion on her page. One post on Instagram can cost about $50,000. She receives this money with enviable stability.

YouTube content in a few years transformed into a blog. If at first the girl demonstrated her professional skills, then later she began to share the details of her personal life, make humorous videos, and sing songs. This has led to her channel having over 2 million subscribers and over 100 million views. Monetization of such traffic can bring up to $1,000 per week (without direct advertising integrations).

The musical career of Lana Rose was the height of her self-realization. The financial aspect of this occupation is not so unambiguous. She has invested several hundred thousand dollars in her hobby. This is the price of a recording studio, services of musicians, additional marketing, etc. The result turned out to be very worthy, but so far it has brought minimal profit. Will music become a source of permanent income for the Dubai beauty will make it her main occupation. So far, everything points to the fact that this is her hobby.

Lana Rose Actual Net Worth

An analysis of the information provided by Internet resources about Lana Rose net worth suggests that analysts confuse the girl’s personal capital and income with the wealth of her large family. She owns no property and $10 million in savings. The real net worth is half that and close to $5 million. This includes her real estate, and luxury cars and regular income. More precise figures can only be voiced by Lana, but she does not discuss the topic of money.

Lana Rose Income

Each year, its capital can increase by about 500 thousand dollars. It all depends on how much she spends. Rose leads a luxurious lifestyle that requires a large financial investment. Now she is approaching the peak of her popularity, so she can count on an increase in profits.

Net worth of her parents is controversial. One day she will inherit some of their wealth, but it is not yet possible to identify its size. They are definitely not billionaires, but they can hold capital from 20 to 50 million dollars.

Monthly Income$70k
Annual Income$700k
Actual Net Worth$5m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$5,5m
Lana Rose Net Worth

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