Nick Briz Net Worth: How Rich is Basketball Youtuber?

Nick Briz Net Worth

Nick Briz is a basketball enthusiast who runs a sports blog on YouTube and Instagram. On these platforms, about 1.5 million subscribers follow his achievements, recommendations and fun street matches. This is his main occupation. Is it possible to earn a lot of money by doing what you love?

How Does Nick Briz Make Money?

Nick has been fond of basketball since childhood. It is unknown why he did not turn pro. Maybe it’s because he’s not very tall, although that doesn’t stop Briz from making spectacular slam dunks.

His career until 2018 (that is, until the age of 23) remains little known. He went to college, where he began to devote all his free time to workout and basketball. But his long silence on social media suggests that Nick is hiding something from his fans. At the age of 23, he created a YouTube channel and began to maintain a page on Instagram. He showed a very cool skill on the basketball court.

Since 2020, the guy began to develop a YouTube channel. His passion for sports almost did not bring profit. At a younger age, this was acceptable, but life forced him to look for ways to develop. Nick chose hype as his promotion method. He walks through not the most prosperous areas and quarters and invites everyone to compete with him on the site. Usually he does not meet players with the same technique, so matches often end in conflicts. This is what a youtuber and his subscribers need. On such a scheme, he was able to build a mega-successful channel, which has already gained more than 200 million views.

Even such statistics cannot make a YouTuber very rich. During the entire existence of the channel, he earned about 200 thousand dollars from monetization. This is not a little, but an income of 100 thousand dollars a year cannot be called something incredible for US residents. On the Internet, he is credited with impressive wealth. How is this possible?

Nick Briz Net Worth 2023

His blog is designed not only for banal monetization from showing YouTube ads. This is a very good way to express yourself and advertise your services. Nick has a website where anyone can order his author’s workout program. This includes a workout to keep fit and tight workouts to improve your basketball skills.

The number of subscribers and a homogeneous target audience make his blog attractive to advertisers. There is no exact data on Nick’s sponsorship contracts, but direct or hidden advertising can bring him another 100 thousand dollars a year.

The athlete has become popular not so long ago. For several years he could not raise a large capital. Its actual net worth does not exceed $500,000. The guy has good prospects, because basketball never loses its relevance, and there are more and more people who want to have the same outstanding technique.

Recently, Briz has begun to travel the world to expand the geography of content and attract new audiences. He was in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and some other countries. Youtuber invests money in development. This approach to business shows that Nick sets high goals.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$200k
Actual Net Worth$500k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$600k
Nick Briz Net Worth

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