Opto and TopNotch Idiots Net Worth: Pranks Monetization

top notch idiots net worth

Top Notch Idiots (TNG) is a team of young guys who film pranks for YouTube. Their popularity began to grow rapidly, and with it the income of each of the members of the YouTube gang. Opto (Aris Sureni) has become a true leader of a daring project. He publishes photos with expensive cars, spends money on elite parties. This excites the imagination of his subscribers, who begin to calculate his capital and argue about his actual net worth. Both Opto and AJ Wolfy now have a stable source of money, but each of the members of the Top Notch Idiots has gone their own way to success. This article has unique facts about how much YouTubers earned before their popularity and what sources of income make their life luxurious today.

Aris Sureni Net Worth: Its Opto Income

Aris (the real name of Opto) grew up in a good family, where there was no urgent need for money. Everything that he has now is his personal merit, but the photos on his instagram, which he published 10 years ago, confirm that the guy could afford a beautiful life even in his youth. His friend AJ Wolfy went the hard way. The guy attended business courses, offered his business, let’s go, worked hard to earn money.

aris sureni net worth

Working on the Top Notch Idiots YouTube channel is Opto’s main source of income. It is not so popular on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter, so advertising integrations are not very expensive. You need to look at his clothes. Very often the choice of one of the brands indicates a sponsorship contract. However, Aris prefers its own merch. Selling TNG-branded products has recently become a good source of additional income.

Aris Sureni net worth reached $1 million. It first reached that milestone in 2022. This was made possible thanks to the huge number of views of his prank videos. It is YouTube that gives 2/3 of the income. The rest consists of social media advertising (direct and indirect).

AJ Wolfy Net Worth

AJ Wolfy net worth is about 500-600 thousand dollars. Every month he earns about 40 thousand dollars. His income is less than that of a colleague who has long been in the business of jokes and practical jokes. This does not mean that Opto underestimates him. AJ comes from a poorer family and was not at the origin of Top Notch. The guy’s musical talent may bring him additional income, but he still considers it as a hobby.

Top Notch Idiots Net Worth

The prank channel has received over 400 million views from almost 3 million subscribers. This means that during the existence of the channel, it brought its authors about $ 2 million. Each new prank gains more than 1 million views in just 3 days, which is 3-4 thousand dollars of monetization.

Most of that money ended up in Opto’s pocket. When he created this channel in 2007, it was his own idea. The first videos are absolutely not related to pranks and relate to his football career. Due to the injury, the guy had to look for another occupation. Aris is the author and main beneficiary of TopNotch.

top notch idiots net worth

When AJ Wolfy joined the team, the profits began to be distributed between two friends and colleagues. They do not talk about the financial side of their relationship.

Selling TNG merchandise can bring the team about $20,000 a month. TopNotch’s total revenue could be $100,000 per month, with a net worth as high as $2 million.

Pranks often involve invited guests. These are friends of the project, but not its participants. Each of them has their own occupation. Their capital should not be taken into account when analyzing TopNotch net worth.

Monthly Income$100k
Annual Income$900k
Actual Net Worth$2 million
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2,5 million
Top Notch Idiots Net Worth

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