Salvador Magluta: Millionaire Without Income

Sal Magluta actual net worth

Salvador (Sal) Magluta is a Cuban criminal who made a huge fortune in the drug trade. His illegal activities were stopped in 1991. The incredible scale of Sal’s activities caught the attention of Netflix, who gave him a lot of attention in the series Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami. The man lost power and money, but surprisingly remains among the millionaires. How does he do it and how much money does he actually have left?

Salvador Magluta Maximum Net Worth

Sal started his career at the age of 20. He quickly began to earn more than the average expat from Cuba. In a few years, he surpassed the annual income of a successful American. The Cuban with his colleague and friend Willy Falcon arranged the supply of the prohibited substances from Colombia. By the early 1980s, Magluta’s capital had increased by $1 million. At the same time, the man did not deny himself luxury purchases. This means that the income could easily reach 2-3 million dollars.

Sal Magluta actual net worth

Salvador Magluta maximum net worth was reached around 1985. The exact amount remains a mystery. Due to the fact that his case attracted public attention, information about his capital was overgrown with rumors and speculation. In 1991, when he was prosecuted, the popular belief was that he and his family had $3 billion in cash. Taking into account inflation today, this amount would correspond to 9 billion dollars. For this reason, such data should be considered slightly overestimated. If a well-known film company or streaming service makes another film or series about a drug lord, then another “increase” of Salvador Magluta net worth will follow.

Reality is not far from fiction. Sal’s cash and property can be valued at $1.5 billion.

Sal Magluta Actual Net Worth

Sal Magluta actual net worth

The empire of the Cuban criminal has collapsed. His family and friends turned away from him. According to the court decision, the man’s money and property were confiscated. Do not think that he was left without a livelihood. In various hidden sources, he managed to save at least $ 100 million. Opinions about the current net worth differ. However, no one estimates the criminal above 300 million. Our capital estimation algorithm shows that this figure is too high. The most reliable seems to be a net worth 150-200 million. During the analysis of open sources, we came across a website that estimates a man at 500 million dollars in 2022. It would be interesting to see the source of such a fantastic amount. However, this information resource left such a statement unsubstantiated.

How did he manage to stay on the list of millionaires? The US law enforcement system is not perfect. Sometimes criminals keep some of their money despite severe punishment. It should be understood that the millions that are attributed to Salvador are not in his pocket and not in his account. He cannot dispose of most of them. This is the wealth of the family and some of his hidden companions. It can be assumed that in the operational management of the man is about $ 1 million. He can use them to improve the conditions of his detention in prison. He should be in prison for 195 years. Those who manage the rest of his capital know this very well. Therefore, they could spend most of the wealth by hiding it from the prisoner. This means that all assessments of the current net worth should be taken critically.

Monthly Income$-
Annual Income$-
Actual Net Worth$10 million
One Year Net Worth Forecast$9 million
Sal Magluta Net Worth

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