Vladimir Furdik: the Night King’s Wealth

Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

Vladimir Furdik is an actor and stuntman best known for his role as the Night King in Game of Thrones. He is a professional in his field and from a young age was engaged in theatrical martial arts. The HBO project glorified him and made him rich. Is it the only work of his that has enriched him, or is the net worth of the actor replenished from other sources?

Vladimir Furdik Income and Fees

The Slovak actor started working at the age of 15. His youth fell on a difficult time of socialist decline in Czecho-Slovakia (later the country was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia). He was not rich, but he loved the theme of the Middle Ages and knightly battles. He performed with friends at festivals and competitions. So he earned a ticket to the United States, where his talent was in demand.

The man got a permanent job in Hollywood in 1990. He was a stuntman and did not get serious roles. This did not bring a lot of money, but constant employment gave stability in life.

Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

Large fees (by the standards of a stuntman and an actor of the second fee) are associated with participation in the films Robin Hood, James Bond: Skyfall, Thor: The Kingdom of Darkness and some others. The greatest commercial success was the series Game of Thrones, in the last seasons of which the actors received generous fees.

The staging of some combat scenes in the Witcher series is also attributed to this sword fighting specialist. Such services could cost showrunners up to $200,000.

Vladimir had little screen time, but the value of his character is hard to overestimate. The exact amount of salary, as always, remains a secret, but insiders report that for the final 2 seasons Furdik received from 2 to 3 million dollars. This is the biggest fee in his career. Because of this, there is not a lot of controversy on the Internet about his wealth. Everyone understands that at least 50% of his fortune was brought by participation in the Game of Thrones. However, the exact numbers may surprise some fans.

Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

Success in the role of Night King was not the last for Vladimir. He didn’t become an actor who can charge millions of dollars to appear in a film, but he certainly became a significant figure in filmmaking. He was invited to participate in the filming of the film Dampyr. He is in charge of staging fights. For this he will receive about 100 thousand dollars. This film is predicted to be a success, so the man’s total income from this work may end up being higher. There will be many more such projects, so Furdik’s net worth will grow.

Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

Vladimir’s capital reaches 2 million dollars. He has a long film career, so he managed to acquire real estate and other expensive property. All this is part of his net worth.

Furdo is not very popular on social media. His Instagram page is temporarily unavailable for unknown reasons. More than 200 thousand subscribers have lost access to content from Night King. This is an unpleasant story that deprives the actor of additional income.

There is no information about sponsorship contracts. Big brands were not interested in his person, largely due to the specific appearance. But some advertising projects can replenish his wallet and increase capital.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$2m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2.5m
Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

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