About us

The website Net Worth Inform is a unique Internet project. It brings together a team of journalists who professionally collect information from open sources. We know perfectly well what the public wants to know about income, net worth, spending, valuable property of stars, bloggers, businessmen and other celebrities. There is a lot of fake information on the Internet. Most of the time, the sites publish fiction or deliberately advertise huge wealth in order to surprise readers. For this reason, we have developed our own algorithm for obtaining reliable information. We want to give this information to our readers.

We do not have access to banking or tax data. We analyze open data. The exact amount of income and capital of a person can only be reported by himself. Do not take the information on this site as an accurate statement. We are talking only about the most probable numbers.

What information can you find on our website:

• research on the income of famous personalities;

• analysis of expenses of popular people;

• compilation of data from the Internet about the personal capital of the stars;

• interesting facts from the life of your favorite celebrities.

You can become a part of this project too. To do this, you just need to be an active user of the site, leave comments and inform us about new interesting facts. You can prepare your own research. We will publish it with attribution.