Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth: Annual Income, How Rich is Leah Wei

Leahsfieldnotes net worth

Leahsfieldnotes is the nickname of popular model and YouTube blogger Leah Wei. She surprises subscribers with incredible travels. The girl shoots interesting content, but this requires a lot of money. What activity brings her the most income and how much does she receive from the blog and online store? Fans deserve to know about the financial success of their favorite blogger.

Leah Wei’s Source of Income

Leah has a great YouTube blog. She created the channel in 2015. Its main theme is the girl’s travels. You can find a variety of content there, but videos from trips to different countries get the most views.

Wei was born in China but moved to Canada at a young age. She does not go on extreme trips, but in a few years she has visited many countries.

Creating content for YouTube is the main source of income and expenses for a girl. It accurately compensates with monetization all expenses for flights and rental housing, however, lovers of counting someone else’s money should understand the difference between profit and income.

Leahsfieldnotes Instagram is filled with interesting content about the personal life, mood, hobbies of a Canadian of Chinese origin. More than 200 thousand subscribers follow her life. This figure is admirable, but does not make her an influencer who can make a huge fortune. Monetization of content from Instagram brings the girl the minimum income. She separates commercial and personal blogging.

Leah has her own store. She makes incredible bread products. The girl can bake bags and underwear. You can also find a small selection of merchandise in her store. This is a hobby of a young blogger. She makes a profit that offsets some day-to-day costs.

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Leah Wei net worth

Open sources attribute capital from 150 to 300 thousand US dollars to the beauty traveler. If you mean by net worth the value of all assets and savings of a person, then the figure of $300k+ can be considered pretty fair. This is a very dynamic data. It all depends on the plans of the girl and her family. When analyzing data from various websites, the main thing is to weed out the obviously inflated figures of $ 1 million. The Leahsfieldnotes capital estimate of $150,000 is also surprising. Her annual income is above the Canadian average. To draw more reliable conclusions, you need to analyze the dry numbers.

Leah Wei Annual Income

Leah Wei net worth

Each year, Leah can earn about $150,000 from monetizing her YouTube blog. She has almost 700 thousand subscribers. When it reaches the level of 1 million, the cost of advertising integrations will immediately increase several times. It all depends on views, but advertisers appreciate bloggers with millions of people. Profit from Instagram causes a lot of controversy. Wei does not publish (or almost does not publish) direct advertising. She also has no obvious partnership contracts. There is a possibility that this social network does not bring real income. However, the girl advertises her shop with handmade goods. This draws quite a lot of attention to her store. It is very difficult to estimate the monthly profit from trading, because it depends on many factors and is not stable. A blogger’s hobby can bring in about $50,000 a year.

Monthly Income $20k
Annual Income $150-200k
Actual Net Worth $300k
One Year Net Worth Forecast $500k
Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

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