Aisha Hall: Income Before and After Imprisonment

Aisha Hall Net Worth

Aisha Hall is an extraordinary person who combines a financial genius, an ex-criminal, a blogger, a musician, a writer and a model. Many heard about this woman, but knew only one side of her diverse life. In 2009, she has already been on the list of millionaires and is now striving to get back there. Is its net worth as great as it seems? Aisha positions herself as a specialist in making money. If her real net worth turns out to be lower than everyone thinks, then it will hurt her ambitions. Fundamental research has long been brewing and we have done it.

How Did Aisha Hall Make Money?

Aisha dreamed of big business from a young age. She confirmed her talent for entrepreneurial activity at the age of 22, when she opened her own business. Later, she managed the finances of Apogee Financial. She received a large salary, but the company’s income should not be identified with her personal income and capital.

Aisha Hall income

In 2009, everyone learned that fraudulent schemes were hiding behind a successful business. At the time of the trial, the young swindler’s net worth was estimated at $10 million. This is a rough estimate of journalists. The guilty verdict does not contain such an assessment. There is no evidence of the reliability of these data, but they are quite plausible.

According to the court decision, the girl had to pay about $ 7 million. This confirms that most of Aisha Hall’s money was earned by dishonest means.

Actual Sources of Income

While serving her sentence, the enterprising woman did not sit idly by. She started writing books. They became popular and helped make her the seed money to get out of prison. In 2019, Aisha received freedom and money for publishing her works.

Music career is not a serious source of income. This is a way of self-realization and an opportunity to express yourself. Hall’s songs have not gained the same popularity as her books, but help her to draw attention to her other activities.

Aisha Hall income

The greatest income for a woman is brought by sponsorship contracts and advertising. Aisha has a lot of followers on Instagram, but she knows how to be in the public eye. Therefore, brands are happy to pay her for advertising integrations or public appearances with their products.

An important part of her activity is coaching. A woman presents herself as a specialist in finance and cryptocurrency. She conducts lectures, seminars, individual consultations.

Aisha Hall Net Worth

The most difficult question is whether the former fraudster was able to become a millionaire again. With all her appearance, she tries to show that she did it. However, this image is the basis of its commercial success. No one wants to listen to advice from a man who has not become rich himself.

It can be said for sure that Aisha is a rich woman. She can afford luxury things, travel, vacations. Every appearance on television brings her money.

If we reset her net worth and start counting her income from the date of her release from prison, then her net worth cannot possibly reach $1 million. Based on the fact that she did not lose everything she earned and had reserves, then the $ 1 million figure begins to look more plausible.

Business lady does not reveal all the cards. Most likely she has a hidden business and investments that generate income. Her wealth can be estimated at 900 thousand dollars – 1.1 million dollars. The annual capital gain can be 200-300 thousand dollars, and income without expenses – 400-500 thousand dollars.

Despite deep analytics, without opening data on bank accounts and taxes paid, it is impossible to obtain accurate data on the capital of Aisha Hall.

Monthly Income$40k
Annual Income$400k
Actual Net Worth$900k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$1.1m
Aisha Hall Net Worth

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