Alex Hormozi: Is He As Rich As His Fans Think?

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi is a fitness businessman, coach and financial blogger. The basis of his marketing on social media and YouTube is the focus on his wealth. The talent to earn money is in his blood and this cannot be denied. The Forbes rating ignores the millionaire, so his fans and partners are looking for data on Alex’s real income. Is he completely honest with the public, or is he overstating his capital?

How Did Alex Hormozi Make Money?

Alex made his capital himself. He was born into a simple family. His parents were not millionaires. The man received a good education – he has a bachelor’s degree in corporate strategy. At the age of 27, he had a lot of work experience but not a very big salary.

Working in small positions in various government agencies did not match his ambitions. The man decided to turn his sports hobby into a job. Even at school, Hormozi played football, and later learned all the intricacies of quality training in the gym. He combined business with pleasure and opened his own sports area.

In 2016, Gym Launch was an inconspicuous place that was only visited by weight training fans. Alex was getting about $10,000 a month from this. In 2017, he married Leila and this amount became the family budget. The couple had to start developing the business, otherwise they risked becoming bankrupt.

This motivated him to learn the secrets of successful business and self-development. He decided to make a decentralized meal out of his gym. Later, he began to invest free money in other projects. Acquisition was the pinnacle of his financial success. This is an investment and educational project.

It took only a few years for Hormozi to earn a lot of capital. There was some luck. He made his money by experimenting with new business strategies.

The secret of his wealth lies in several things:

  1. Understanding that only he is responsible for his financial situation.
  2. Hard work.
  3. Full support and participation of the wife.
  4. Perhaps it was not without luck and outside help, but we will never know about this.
Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

The entrepreneur has a lot of money, which he often focuses on himself. His monthly income can be 100 thousand dollars, and the annual income is about 1 million dollars. This is possible thanks to the following sources of income:

  • sale of the Gym Launch franchise (more than 1500 gyms are open, each of which pays royalties and other payments);
  • content monetization: advertising on YouTube, selling business books;
  • investments in young projects, which he selects within the framework of Acquisition;
  • individual consultations on business scaling.

Alex Hormozi has never revealed the exact amount of his capital. He can be accused of being overly concerned with finances, but not of deceiving people. All speculation about millions is made by the subscribers and fans of the entrepreneur themselves.

He certainly could not earn $ 100 million in a few years. This net worth is often credited to Alex Hormozi. To do this, he had to earn $ 20 million a year, which is unrealistic for the business he is in.

The $100 million myth arose from reports by a businessman that he was able to grow his business from $10 million to $100 million. This is not about personal capital, but about the achievements of Acquisition. As part of this project, many entrepreneurs took advantage of the services and help of Alex and scaled their business. These numbers have nothing to do with net worth.

Could he make $10 million? These are more realistic numbers. His net worth is close to this figure.

Alex Hormozi & Forbes Rating

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Do not worry about the fact that Alex is not written about in Forbes magazine. A capital of several million dollars is not a basis for inclusion in the rating. His projects are quite unique, but did not arouse the interest of the editors. This does not in any way determine the degree of success and financial independence of Hormozi.

Monthly Income$100k
Annual Income$1m
Actual Net Worth$10m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$11m
Alex Hormozi Actual Net Worth

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