Carl Runefelt Net Worth: Forbes, Earnings, Crypto Portfolio

Carl Runefelt Net Worth

Carl Runefelt aka The Moon is a crypto expert with a huge following on Twitter and YouTube. This is one of the richest YouTubers and analysts who share their predictions with the public. His net worth is controversial, because the haters do not believe in his success, and the fans inflate the real numbers. You have a chance to get closer to the truth.

How Did Carl The Moon Make Money?

Runefelt bought his first bitcoin at a price of $4,000. He wrote about this on his Twitter. This means that he did it in 2017. His investment gave 500%. To earn $1 million, he had to invest approximately $200,000. The story of where Carl got the start-up capital is shrouded in obscurity. Some sources claim that the guy started with 10 thousand dollars because he worked in a low-paying job. Everything is possible, but we reserve the right to doubt that the first million Runefelt earned without having a serious deposit for investment.

In December 2017, the young man decided to share his achievements, thoughts and reviews with the public. He created a YouTube channel. Today it is one of the most popular channels on the topic of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, investments and trading.

Working with content is Carl’s main occupation. Thanks to his popularity in social networks, he has the opportunity to enter into partnership agreements with startups, profit from referral programs, and monetize content on YouTube. These sources can bring him 1 million dollars a year. Even without constant trading on the stock exchange, he can feel in perfect order.

Carl is one of the creators of the peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto payment app Kasta. In his own words, he has also invested in 400 startups. One of his latest partnership projects was the Medieval Empires blockchain game. He aggressively advertises it. This and other ad integrations bring in really good income.

Carl Runefelt Net Worth 2023

Most analysts agree that in the fall of 2021, Karl became a billionaire. Such a possibility exists. We estimate his current net worth at $500 million. We draw these conclusions based on data on the sources of his income. We also take into account his messages on Twitter, where he talks about his investments and transactions.

His net worth very much depends on whether the crypto rises or falls. He constantly replenishes his portfolio with new coins. We can only guess about the fiat/crypto ratio, but it seems that digital assets make up at least 50% of his capital.

Can Runefelt become a billionaire again? If the market shows a new round of strong growth and takes the figure of $ 500 million as a basis, then Carl will definitely be able to multiply capital by 2 times.

The fact that a guy is on the Forbes list doesn’t help much in assessing his net worth. A respected information resource about rich people included him in the list of 30 under 30, but did not disclose data on his capital.

Carl Runefelt’s Crypto Portfolio

Carl Runefelt Forbes

If you want to know about the coins that The Moon is buying, then you need to follow his tweets. According to the latest data, in addition to BTC and ETH, Carl bought CRV, DOGE, BNB, ADA and some other coins.

Runefelt often trades futures. Most likely he uses the minimum leverage. For transactions, he chooses the same coins as for investments.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$1m
Actual Net Worth$500m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$500-600m
Carl Runefelt Net Worth

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