Maren Altman Net Worth: Income from Astrology and Bitcoin

Maren Altman net worth

Maren Altman is an American blogger who combines several controversial roles. The young woman posts hot photos on Instagram that attract men. In YouTube and Tik Tok she talks about astrology. In her free time, she studies the cryptocurrency market and encourages everyone to use bitcoin. What if astrology helps her make cryptocurrency price predictions? If so, how rich did she get?

How Does Maren Altman Make Money?

Maren started her blogging career in 2014. Her content was entirely devoted to astrology. This made her quite popular, although she was still far from the level of a top blogger.

The surge in Maren’s popularity came after her registration on Tik Tok. The number of her subscribers quickly exceeded 1 million. On Instagram and YouTube, she boasts much more modest numbers. It is Tik Tok that is the main platform for marketing and making money.

Social networks bring her about 50% of her income. The rest of her money comes from book sales, advertising, private consulting, and cryptocurrencies.

You may be surprised, but this beauty does not have an OnlyFans account. She does not consider it necessary to make money by selling hot photos. However, hot content helps her become more popular and interest her followers. Maren also sometimes acts as a model.

Maren Altman Net Worth 2023

The astrologer blogger often communicates with subscribers and answers their questions. The girl sometimes records detailed videos with answers to frequently asked questions from fans. However, among the many videos you will not find accurate data on her net worth. This is typical for social media stars. Often this is due not only to the maintenance of intrigue, but also to the peculiarities of taxation. Bloggers are freelancers whose income is not so easy to fix. Sounding the exact numbers is not always in their interests.

Everything points to the fact that Maren Altman is a millionaire. She has been in business for almost 10 years and has been able to earn enough money. We estimate her net worth at $2 million. Analysts who give lower numbers do not take into account that Altman is not just a blogger. She is not as heavily dependent on content monetization as many of her competitors.

Income from Astrology

Maren Altman astrology

Astrology can (excluding payments from social networks and YouTube) bring Maren up to $ 100 thousand a year. She sells books, access to author’s courses, gives personal advice. This is a fairly stable income. Social networks allow her to attract new customers.

Crypto Portfolio

Maren Altman crypto

A few years ago, cryptocurrency was added to Altman’s list of interests. What exactly prompted her to invest and trade is unknown. Now she actively offers subscribers referral links to popular exchanges. Given its popularity, this can bring in several thousand dollars a month.

There is no doubt that she buys cryptocurrency and stores it in wallets. Most likely, she owns several bitcoins worth about $100,000. This amount will increase significantly in the event of a serious price increase.

In her Telegram channel (which Maren for some reason abandoned in 2023), the blogger published her trades on futures. Most likely, she can have $ 1,000 a month in additional income from such activities. However, trading is a very risky business. This income cannot be considered sufficiently stable.

Monthly Income$30k
Annual Income$300k
Actual Net Worth$2m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2.2m
Maren Altman Net Worth

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