How much Alec Cabacungan (‘Alec from Shriners’) Earn?

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

If you are not yet aware of Alec Cabacungan, in North-America nearly everyone knows him. He is a young disabled American man of around 20 (in 2022) that grew up with Brittle Bones Syndrome, which causes impaired growth in his body and causes him to easily get his bones broken. He is also tied to a wheelchair because of the weakness of his legs.

Payments from Shriners Hospital

Shriners Children’s Hospital of Chicago, USA, has been treating his very challenging and very costly disease since he was a young child. The close support he enjoyed there allowed him to grow up to a healthy, be it still handicaped man, as the syndrome is irreversible. In exchange the boy gladly allowed them to feature him in countless advertisements of their medical services. He received a fee for this work. The exact amount was not disclosed under the terms of the contract. It can be several thousand dollars for each appearance on the screen.

Path to Financial Independence

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

His integrity and charm and the empowering content of his speeches made him a known and beloved figure, not only among parents and disabled children but also among sports fans, and gradually, through countless promotion videos and events, he evolved into a true celebrity.

Alec’s successful career as a motivational speaker has certainly not impoverished his wallet. And this area is where we are going to dive into next.

Keep in mind that our figures are our best estimates. We can’t be entirely certain what income he may have accumulated outside of public view, but we can realistically expect that most of what celebrities earn is destined to leak out in one way or the other. In modern, developed, societies, government regulations, as well as the power of the free press, assure that no one can keep all their riches private, most of the time.

We collected the following juicy bits and pieces of information for you because, just like you do, we want to know how well Alec Cabacungan is really doing. We like to imagine, just like you do, how it must feel to be as successful as him.

NameAlec Cabacungan
Born / DateMay 8, 2002
Born / PlaceOak Park, Illinois
Star SignTaurus
Origins of ParentsUnknown
ProfessionMotivational Speaker Studying Journalism
FavoritesSports Journalism
Net Worth b / o Online Blogs1 000 000 USD – 2 500 000 USD
Youtube Followersno page
Twitter Followers3 200
Instagram Followers10 000
Facebook Followersno page
Spotify Followersno page

Alec from Shriners Source of Income

Alex’s income comes from making videos, attending and featuring events both on empowerment of disabled children as well as sports events and creating his own sports journalism shows.

Sport has always been a favorite hobby of Alec’s, one which he shares with his dad. When he was young he dreamed of being a sportsman himself but he soon realized 

that his physical condition would not permit him to do that. He however did and does some sports with other disabled people, but to really satisfy his sports-itch, instead of becoming an athlete himself, he has been studying it, and decided he wants to become a sports commentator. He has already been practicing it in his own sports’ youtube videos in which he talks about sports and interviews widely known athletes.

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

Alec Cabacungan Actual Net Worth

To realize his plans the young man is now studying journalism and lives in a college dormitory. He drives his own, to his disability, adjusted car. He has assumed the life of an independent adult who knows what he wants and is able to take care of himself.

If that were not enough: Alec says he wants to give back to Shriners for the happiness they gave him and wants to continue to help promote their activities and also be a role model for kids like himself, so they too, can reach the independence he has achieved.

He earns a decent income at his young age. In a few years, he was able to raise more than 1 million US dollars. According to optimistic estimates net worth could reach 2.5 million dollars.

Monthly Income$50k
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$1 million
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2 million
Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

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