Issa Asad Net Worth & Income. How Rich Is the Businessman?

Issa Asad Net Worth

Issa Asad is an American businessman, communications expert, founder of Q Link Wireless and several other businesses. He has been in business for many years and has experienced his ups and downs. One of his firms even aroused the interest of law enforcement. The man continues to work and build his business empire. How much has he already earned?

Source of Income

Issa started his career in 1996. He has 2 higher educations. The man graduated from Florida International University and the University of Miami. He says almost nothing about his origins and parents. This information would help us to know where Asad started from. At 23, he founded his first company. It was Prepaid Technologies. It was engaged in the issuance of electronic cards (payment, bonus, student, etc.). This suggests that Issa had start-up capital. Whether it was a loan or parental assistance remains a mystery. The first business was moderately successful. Asad raised capital but began looking for other business opportunities.

Issa Asad Net Worth

Now Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings LLC operate under his leadership. The first deals with the provision of wireless communication services. The company has more than 2 million customers in the US. The second deals with helping small and medium-sized businesses in development and scaling. This assistance is provided on a paid basis, but, according to the company’s managers, these costs are quickly paid off.

A huge part of the income of these firms is the income of Issa Asad. Their cost exceeds several million dollars, but the personal profit of a businessman is much lower. This is because Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings LLC employs thousands of salaried people. Determining the exact amount that Issa puts in her pocket is very difficult. It can be 200-300 thousand dollars a year.

The American has another passion. He writes books on online business development. Recently, he studied all the intricacies of making money on YouTube and released the corresponding guide. You can book a consultation with him. For this, he also takes money, which increases his income by another 100 thousand dollars a year.

The man practically does not engage in social networks. He does not see them as a means of earning money or a basis for marketing.

Issa Asad Net Worth

Issa Asad Net Worth

In a nearly 30-year career in big business, Asad has faced big money many times. The basis of his capital is his enterprises. His well-being depends on their success. Data on the estimated value of companies is very contradictory. It is worth giving preference to those sources that give the figure of 5 million dollars. The same figure can be used as the most reliable net worth of Asad.

His net worth data is very important for those who turn to Issa or his company for help in scaling their business. The image of a very rich man is part of the Asad business model. It is necessary to critically evaluate all statements about successful transactions and multimillion-dollar contracts. This does not change the fact that Issa was able to earn a lot of capital.

Monthly Income$40k
Annual Income$400k
Actual Net Worth$5m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$5m
Issa Asad Net Worth

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