Erik Charles Maund Net Worth. How Rich Is the Car Dealer?

Erik Charles Maund Net Worth

Erik Charles Maund is an American businessman from Austin. He and his wife own Volkswagen and Toyota dealerships in their hometown. The man received notoriety not thanks to a successful business, but because of accusations of contract killing. When journalists got access to some details of the criminal case, everyone was surprised not only by the terrible crime, but also by the huge amounts of money that were intended for the killers. Does a family of provincial car dealers really have such a big net worth?

Erik Charles Maund Income

The Maund family has been in the auto business for many years. After Erik’s arrest, his car dealerships did not stop working. Profits can now dispose of his wife.

Information about where Erik Charles has two dealerships from differs depending on the sources. Some argue that his parents started the family business, and the son continued their business. There is no data to support such a claim.

Dealers receive the main profit not from car sales, but from the sale of additional equipment, accessories and service servants. Typically, one car dealership receives $ 1,000 in revenue from each car sold. This amount increases if the buyer orders additional options, undergoes maintenance, draws up a loan.

Maund chose very popular car brands. Volkswagen and Toyota are among the top selling cars in the US.

The exact data on the income of the man and his family do not appear in the materials of the criminal case. This is not the subject of an investigation. However, the public knows that Erik allegedly paid $750,000 for the contract killing. If he was ready to spend that kind of money on a crime, then he owned capital, at least twice as much as this amount.

Erik Charles Maund Net Worth

To open 2 car dealerships at once, you need to have about 2 million dollars of capital. Over the years that have passed, Erik has certainly been able to recoup such costs. We consider estimates of some journalists to be too high. You could see the information that the net worth of a man accused of a serious crime is $10 million. In the absence of direct evidence for this, we are critical of such assessments. More plausible seems to be a net worth of $6 million. This is also a lot of money. This allows you to live a luxurious life and not think about old age. Will it help reduce a potential sentence? Doubtful. However, big money often has a direct impact on the conditions of being behind bars.

The annual family income can be 300 thousand dollars. It is difficult to predict what financial position Maund will have after the start of the trial in the criminal case. This is a serious reputational blow that can reduce profits. However, if car dealerships continue to work, they still will not become unprofitable. It is unlikely that a potential sentence will affect their fate. It all depends on whether he used the accounts of his firms for illegal activities.

In the future, when all the courts have finished considering the case, we will receive more information about this person and his family, including net worth. Have you used Maund dealerships? If yes, don’t forget to write about it in the comments.

Monthly Income$30k
Annual Income$300k
Actual Net Worth$6m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$6m
Erik Charles Maund Net Worth

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