How Much Did Juan Gonzalez Get for 1 Billion Views on YouTube?

That Was Epic Net Worth

Juan Gonzalez (ThatWasEpic) at the age of 30 has become a true YouTube veteran. In 2022, he made a personal record – 1 billion views. This is a sweet target for many YouTubers. The guy proved that hard work can bring a good income. Juan has been making money on the Internet for several years, so it’s time to evaluate his net worth, annual income, and wealth prospects for the coming years.

Juan Gonzalez Income

ThatWasEpic is a popular YouTube channel that has managed to attract almost 7 million subscribers. Each video has over 1 million views. The channel’s record is 50+ million views in one of the videos (a prank with cut-off headphones and a gift in the form of Apple AirPods). Monetizing such a number of views is the main source of income for a YouTuber.

That Was Epic Juan Net Worth

Incredible statistics should not mislead viewers. YouTube pays for views and interactions, but to get at least 100 thousand dollars a month, you need to give a stable 20-30 million views (300-400 million views per year). Juan came up with such statistics not so long ago.

The generosity of the YouTuber suggests that he has more than one source of income. He spends several thousand dollars just to prepare props for his pranks. There is an opinion that Gonzalez does not accidentally choose Apple products for gifts. Perhaps he is working with a company or one of the sellers of equipment. In this case, he does not need to spend a penny on gifts. In return, he gets hype and new subscribers. There are no exact data on such cooperation in open sources.

A valuable source of stable income for any blogger, including a YouTuber, are sponsorship contracts. ThatWasEpic has nearly 1 million Instagram followers. This is a good base for advertising posts (direct or hidden advertising). Most likely, such cooperation brings a man half of all income.

That Was Epic Juan Net Worth

Juan has not officially commented on his net worth. He has the right not to disclose this data to the general public. Financial privacy is very important for every person. But he cannot hide his statistics on YouTube and social networks. Based on these data, it is not so difficult to make assumptions.

That Was Epic Juan Net Worth

Gonzalez receives between $100,000 and $200,000 every month. Thus, in a year you can get more than 1 million dollars. For several years of successful work, he was definitely able to collect assets for such an amount (this is cash, bank accounts, and property). However, one must take into account the rather large expenses of his family. He generously helps his sisters, and he has 6 of them. For this reason, every year the net worth of a blogger increases by no more than 500 thousand dollars. The most plausible are capital estimates of $1.5-2 million, with a forecast to increase in the coming years.

In a year or two, a man will be able to cross the $2 million mark. Sources who attribute this or a large amount to him today are too naive. This is a very large amount that ThatWasEpic is still aiming for. Perhaps he will start a new project or successfully invest his capital. His start-up capital allows you to implement a variety of business ideas.

Monthly Income$50k
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$1.5 million
One Year Net Worth Forecast$2 million
That Was Epic Juan Net Worth

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