Melanie Rose (Designer) Net Worth: Actual Income and Salary

Melanie Rose Net Worth

Melanie Rose is a designer from London, actress, TV presenter. The woman made a career as an actress in her homeland, and in the USA she became in demand as an interior designer. She is the main star of the show “How to Build a Sex Room”, which viewers can see on Netflix. Her already successful career skyrocketed. How did this affect her income?

Source of Income

Melanie is originally from England, where she lived until 2000 and was a sought-after TV actress. She did not star in big-budget films, but constantly had work on various television shows. This brought a decent salary, but did not satisfy Rose’s ambitions.

Melanie traveled the world a lot and decided to realize her creative potential by working as an interior designer. She received orders from various customers. Over time, the woman settled in Los Angeles. Now she has enough regular customers and a good business reputation. Her services are not cheap, but that doesn’t stop her clients. This is largely due to the fact that Melanie Rose is open to experimentation. Now design development is the main source of income for an Englishwoman in US.

Melanie Rose (Designer) Net Worth

How Much Money Does Melanie Rose Make as a Netflix Host?

Netflix decided on a bold project. They launched the adult show “How to Build a Sex Room”. Who exactly owns this idea is not exactly known. Melanie Rose came to designing love rooms by accident. She was already a respected designer at the time one of her clients wanted a custom order. The woman was not afraid, but decided to make it her chip. Somehow, Netflix and Melanie Rose found each other.

The streaming platform is ready to pay generously for projects that attract viewers. The show did not leave anyone indifferent. For each issue, Melanie can receive up to $100,000. Neither Netflix nor Rose have the right to disclose the exact amounts, but such an assumption looks quite reasonable based on the ratings of the show. For a designer, this is not only direct profit. First of all, this is a very competent PR move that can make her net worth incredibly large.

Melanie Rose Net Worth

Melanie Rose (Designer) Net Worth

She has a lot of experience behind her. It has been building its capital for over 30 years. Now she is a completely self-sufficient person who has secured a comfortable life for herself. Melanie got her own real estate and transport. This is a serious investment. Every year she can increase her capital by 100-200 thousand dollars. Annual income excluding expenses reaches 600 thousand dollars. An important role in such serious income is played by cooperation with Netflix. The spicy project will not last forever and Melanie will no longer be pleased with the host fee. However, he has already managed to make her a great advertisement. Wishing to become her client has become several times more. The current net worth of the designer and TV presenter reaches 800 thousand dollars with the prospect of increasing to 1 million dollars in a year. These are optimistic estimates and forecasts, however, the theme of rooms for love comforts will never exhaust itself.

Monthly Income$70k
Annual Income$600k
Actual Net Worth$800k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$1m
Melanie Rose (Designer) Net Worth

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