Sarah Houchens Net Worth and Income. How Rich Is the Model?

Sarah Houchens Net Worth

Sarah Houchens is a model, fitness instructor, and blogger. The girl blogs on Instagram, gives advice on losing weight through sports and diets, sells access to hot shots through OnlyFans. She has over 2 million followers and every post she posts is very valuable to advertisers. This can make the model very rich. How much did she manage to earn at her young age?

Source of Income

The girl was born in Maryland, where she grew up and received an education. During her college years, she took fitness courses and earned a diploma as an instructor. At the university, Sarah studied kinesiology (the science of how human muscles work). After receiving her education, Houchens began developing her blog, working at a fitness center, and giving private consultations.

Sarah Houchens income

A few years later, hundreds of thousands of people became interested in her professionalism. Sarah was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the author’s workout programs and proper nutrition by her own example. This has resulted in several stable sources of income:

1. Blog on Instagram. The number of subscribers is directly proportional to the cost of advertising and sponsored posts. Many men have signed up for her account, who cannot ignore her magnificent figure and feminine beauty. It successfully combines spicy content with ads for various sports products.

2. Sale of author’s workout programs and advice on proper nutrition. Houchens’ website has a selection of services that she provides as a sports professional. She offers affordable prices, but the model receives good earnings due to the large flow of customers.

3. Shooting as a model. Sometimes photographers invite her to participate in advertising or other photo shoots. Even an outside observer can easily see that fashion magazines are happy to publish her photos on their covers. Some of them charge for it themselves, but many are willing to pay Sarah.

4. Sale of subscriptions to hot content. Her OnlyFans is free, but all the fun is only available to paid users. This is not the main source of money for Sarah, but rather an opportunity to earn additional income and warm up people’s interest in her person.

Sarah Houchens Net Worth

Sarah Houchens Net Worth

The blogger has been working for several years. Her income is stable enough to allow her to raise a large capital. She has every prospect of earning more than $1 million, but now her net worth is estimated at $800,000. It’s not just cash or savings in the bank. This includes her real estate, car and other things that are of an investment nature.

Instagram can bring her up to 50 thousand dollars a month. Without this social network, she would not have been able to gain recognition and a constant stream of customers. Her other activities combined bring her half as much money. Every year she gets richer by 200 thousand dollars. Her income is much higher, but we need to take into account her spending and investments.

Sarah Houchens’ content is all about healthy living and beauty. This is always a relevant direction for working in social networks. She does not disclose information about her capital.

Monthly Income$60k
Annual Income$500k
Actual Net Worth$800k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$1m
Sarah Houchens Net Worth

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