Top Considerations for Small Vaping Kits

The small vape kits are trending as these are easy to carry and give an easy-peasy vaping experience. You might have seen them on the news or online. vape devices that are discreet and easy to use, with little or no smell.

The UK Government’s Stance on Small Vape Kits

The UK government has been relatively given directives to follow safety ways and has made manufacturers aware of what they can and cannot produce.

There are a few things that the government is looking for in discreet and compact vape devices without smell. The device must not exceed the size of a tobacco packet, it must not produce an excessive amount of vapour, and the smell must be minimal.

The market for vape devices has drastically changed in the past few years. There are now a number of discrete and compact devices that do not produce an excessive amount of smell. These devices are perfect for people who want to quit smoking or for people who are trying to cut down on their nic salts intake.

How to Make Your Small Vape Kit More Eco-Friendly?

Here are some tips to make your small vape kit more eco-friendly:

  • Use a rechargeable battery:

This will save you money in the long run and also reduce waste. A rechargeable battery can be charged so that you get to continue your vaping experience.

  • Choose a cleaner Coil:

Some coils produce more toxins when they burn, so try to find a cleaner option. A coil that is free from lint can be the best to heat the liquid and give you an aromatic and good flavour for your taste buds. Choose earthy flavours or mix with fruity and citric so the smell can be reduced.

  • Purchase organic cotton:

This is better for your health and the environment. The wicking material should be of the highest quality to avoid any problems with the eco-friendly properties of your vape kit.

  • Avoid plastic tanks:

Plastic can leach chemicals into your e-liquid, so it’s best to avoid it if possible. Plastic vape tanks aren’t environmentally friendly, so choose a better option where the concentration of vape liquid can remain safe. It is an integral choice to find out which is best right away.

  • Recycle your used equipment:

Most vaping equipment can be recycled, so make sure to do your research and find a recycling program near you. The proper way to dispose of the material when you consume all the vape content is a must to consider.


Discreet and compact vape kits are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and the government is taking notice. These devices offer a much better vaping experience than their larger counterparts, and they’re also much more eco-friendly. Thanks to their small size, they produce less vapour, which means there’s less smell.

Health experts are urging people to use caution when using these devices. They’re also working on regulations that will make it easier for people to buy and use vape kits without risking their health.

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