Darnella Frazier Net Worth: Salary, Income, Awards

Darnella Frazier Net Worth

Darnella Frazier became famous for recording the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020. It received a huge worldwide response. The young girl immediately received attention, awards, help. The sad event changed her life, including her financial situation. How could she capitalize on the historic video hype?

Did Darnella Frazier get paid for her video?

At the time of shooting the video with George Floyd, the girl was 17 years old. What she saw was a severe psychological shock for her. She provided materials from her phone to journalists and law enforcement. Later she became one of the main witnesses in court. It is possible that some media paid her a fee for exclusive rights to the video, but neither Darnella nor the journalists openly talk about this.

At some point, the girl was in a position where she lost more than she earned. However, charitable foundations and private patrons decided to provide her with financial support. People raised money for psychological help, and later they started collecting money for tuition fees.

It can be assumed that, taking into account all the donations, Frazier received about $100,000 during the year after the incident. This is not a fee for her unique footage. This is an approximate sum of all the help from different sources.

Source of income

Darnella has received numerous awards. The most prestigious of these was the Pulitzer Prize. This and other prizes and awards cannot be counted as sources of income. This is only a recognition of certain merits of a person and an opportunity to increase his recognition in society. There is information that such an award is followed by an additional payment of about $15,000.

Frazier has become popular on social media and does most of her work there. Now she is one of the activists of the movement for the rights of blacks. She is open to cooperation with TV channels. Most likely, she receives payments for participating in the show. This is the source of her income.

Darnella Frazier has become a recognizable person, but she has about 130 thousand followers on Instagram. She is not very active on her page. For this reason, there is no reason to believe that she earns anything through advertising contracts.

Judging by the photos on Instagram, now the Frazier family is not living in poverty. However, her lifestyle cannot be called luxurious either. Her monthly income is difficult to determine. It seems to be unstable and is unlikely to exceed $10,000.

Darnella Frazier Net Worth

Darnella Frazier Net Worth

The girl is still very young to say that she has accumulated a lot of capital. Before her name became world famous, she did not own a car, real estate or bank accounts.

Now she was able to raise some money thanks to donations. With the most positive estimates, her net worth is $200,000. If it does not change the type of activity, then the prospects for increasing capital in the future are very vague. However, Darnella has not yet revealed her potential, so it is still impossible to make categorical statements on this topic.

Monthly Incomeunstable
Annual Income$100k
Actual Net Worth$200k
One Year Net Worth Forecast$200k
Darnella Frazier Net Worth

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