Mrs. Poindexter: Net Worth & Income from Hot Content

Mrs. Poindexter net worth

Tiffany Poindexter is the star of the Only Fans social network, which sets records for earnings from paid subscriptions. She has become a top blogger and the woman many men dream of. Her monthly and annual income exceeds the income of many young models. Can she have over $1 million net worth or is the wealth made up and part of the big hype?

Tiffany Poindexter’s Only Fans Earnings and Income

Tiffany became Mrs Poindexter in 2019 when she decided to sign up for a dedicated paid adult social network. She did this not to earn money, but as a way to diversify her family life.

She had a few dozen subscribers and no more than $1,000 a month in income until someone reported it to the administration of the Catholic school where her children studied. They were expelled from school. This raised a wave of discussion in social networks, newspapers and television. An unpleasant conflict attracted a lot of attention to Tiffany’s person. The number of her subscribers has grown thousands of times.

Tiffany Poindexter net worth

The actual source of income for Mrs Poindexter is OF and Instagram. She has a constant stream of advertising contracts. One of her posts on Instagram brings her at least 20 thousand dollars. She partners with local brands that provide her with consistent payouts and products. There is no information about major sponsorship contracts. This is due to the specific content and target audience of her blog.

Only Mrs Poindexter and the administration of the social network know the exact amount of income from OF. Open sources provide dubious information that is not based on analytics.

The number of Tiffany subscribers is only 350 regular subscribers. Each subscription costs about $12 per month. This brings in about $4,200 per month including fees. For additional paid content, a blogger can receive another 2000-3000 dollars per month. This information clearly contradicts reports of hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

Mrs Poindexter Net Worth

Before world fame, the net worth of the Poindexter family was 100-150 thousand dollars. After the hype in 2019, the woman became much richer. At the peak of the discussions about her story, she really could earn another 100-150 thousand dollars. Information about the large increase in personal capital was beneficial for both Tiffany and the platform on which it operates. This motivated many girls to try themselves in this business.

Mrs. Poindexter income

Instagram blog appeared as a result of the information boom and eventually became Mrs Poindexter’s most profitable business. He can bring her up to 100 thousand dollars a month. This is not a stable salary, but a rough average monthly estimate.

For 2-3 years of active work, a woman could really collect $ 1 million. This is the maximum possible, but plausible estimate.

Further ratings should be based on Poindexter being a blogger first and foremost. She has a complex niche that does not allow her to advertise many products, but she certainly does not remain without contracts. If you see that the number of her subscribers has decreased, then her income has also fallen. It is very important for her to stay on the list of bloggers with a million subscribers, because this is a completely different level of advertising fees.

Monthly Income$90-100k
Annual Income$900k
Actual Net Worth$1m
One Year Net Worth Forecast$1,3m
Mrs Poindexter Net Worth

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